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Handmade in Tokyo

"yuruliku" is a label of designer duo Koushi Ikegami and Kinue Oneda.

"yuruliku" was named by combining the words "yururi", which means "relaxing", with "yukkuri", which means "slowly" in Japanese. We explore new styles in stationery which we hope put a small smile on your face. Yuruliku's works are based on "little humor" found in everyday life. We cherish the importance in expressing "enjoyment", "simplicity", and "fresh discovery" in our works.

Koushi Ikegami Kinue Oneda

Lives in Tokyo.
Graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology.While working in a textile manufacturing company, widely engaged in concept design of textiles for automobile seats and advanced development of design and materials, he studied bag-making in a bag craftsman school.

yuruliku DESIGN / Director

Lives in Tokyo.
Graduated from Jyoshibi University of Art and Design.While working in a stationery manufacturer, taking part in merchandise planning and design of greeting cards and museum goods, she studied silk-screen skills under the direction of a printing mentor.

Yuruliku and Stationery

Most people use stationery, from children to adults.
It may be the tool most frequently used throughout our lives.

If yuruliku created stationeryc

cit would bring fun, joy, and some small talk.
We hope to design such exciting stationery.

Some may seem far from practical.
But they are stationery in yurulikufs term.

Our theme is glittle humorh found in everyday life.

We cherish gfunh, geasinessh, and most of all gfresh wonderh that can maybe set off a conversation, while we aspire for a new style of stationery.

Yuruliku and Design

photoYurulikufs design aims to convey its message in simply ways to many people.

gItfs not a necessity, but delightful nonetheless.h

We cherish the gemotional sideh of its products, things the eyes can not see.
Countless pre-production samples are made as we see great importance in exploring and discovering designs through our "hands".
We, as designers, would like to fulfill our role by being responsible to the whole process of production, sales, and handling.

Made in Tokyo

photoYurulikufs products are all handmade by a skilled craftsman in the shitamachi area of Tokyo.

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